McConnell Least Popular Senator In The Country

It would be interesting to see who wold get tapped to replace him. There is much that can happen between now and then.

Interesting blog post!

Carolina Mountain Blue

Last week I proposed a hypothetical “what if?” election scenario involving Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is up for re-election in 2014. Apparently, North Carolina-based polling firm PPP must’ve been thinking the same thing as they recently conducted polling in the Bluegrass Grass and the results…were pretty interesting to say the least:

  • For starters, McConnell’s the most unpopular senator in the Senate at present with a 37-55 favorable rating(-18 unfavorable)
  • Among Democrats & Independents he is generally loathed(23-73 Democratic, 33-58 Independent) and even amongst GOP members he’s not well-liked(59-28 Republican)
  • Even with those headwinds, Kentucky still went to Mitt Romney by 23 points, which explains why in every hypothetical race against McConnell, the incumbent won every single one….

And those hypothetical results were….

  • vs. Lt.Gov. Jerry Abramson: McConnell 47-43
  • vs. Ky. Atty.Gen. (and 2010 candidate) Jack Conway: McConnell 47-43
  • vs. actress Ashley Judd: McConnell 47-43
  • vs. Louisville Mayor…

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